Additive Manufacturing

Since 2006, Valland is active in the field of engineering and manufacturing industrial valves, custom made in accordance to our customer's requests. Since Valland's inception, our main area of operations has been non-standard products. Due to this, Valland has been experimenting since 2016 with additive manufacturing technologies, both metal (Binder Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, WAAM) and polymer (FDM of single and composite materials, hot chamber FDM for high performance technopolymers, resin photopolymerization).

These activities, started with the support of external partners, opened new opportunities in synergy with our core business (that remains engineering and manufacturing of industrial valves) for the production of  components both for Oil and Gas valves and for new applications in the wider Energy and Design world.

Valland is also in the progress of equipping itself with a new lab-scale hybrid technology atomizer (VIGA + Plasma) to develop new R&D projects and to produce raw materials (powder for use in additive manufacturing) starting from scraps and byproducts of traditional manufacturing, to be used internally or for sale.