Gate Valves

The production of Through Conduit Gate Valves is a part of our core business. This kind of valve may belong to three main families:

- Slab
- Double Expanding
- Single Expanding

Each of these versions are fully internally engineered. Sizes covered: 1” to 56” for API 6D and 1.13/16” to 13.5/8” for API 6A. Class range going from 150 to 4500 lbs for ANSI and from 3000 to 20000 psi for API 6A. Valves can be manual or actuator operated.

Our valves can be supplied based on customer’s specifications with either cast or forged body and bonnet and a notable variety of material grades and ends.  With the back seat configuration of stem and bonnet the stem sealing can be maintained even with the valve in line and under pressure.

The Single Expanding Gate Valves and the Slab Gate Valves offer the advantage of a dimension and cost reduction, while the Double Expanding offers a high reliability on heavy duty. Our Double Expanding Gate Valve can be engineered to achieve DIB1. FEA is available on request.

Our valves can be designed for cryogenic service.

SIL certification has been achieved during Q1 2017.